The Heart of Columbia City

We previously mentioned in an earlier blog post that we were exploring options for a coworking space in either Columbia City or South Lake Union.  While both neighborhoods have much to offer the Seattle coworking community, we have recently decided to put all of our focus on bringing a My Branch Office coworking space to Columbia City.

Why?  We simply want to do what we can to give back and help support the community that has opened itself up to us – through both personal relationships, as well as more recently developed professional relationships.  From a personal perspective, Columbia City has been home to us for over 3 years now.  Over that time, we have strengthened existing relationships and started new ones that we also enjoy.  And from a business perspective, we have already received support and interest from existing neighborhood business owners.  It’s those business owners who, like us, also wish to strengthen the overall Columbia City community and not only make it home for its residents, but also a welcoming destination for those Seattle residents who want to come by to dine, work, exercise and more.

All that is what makes up the “heart” of Columbia City – and why we have dedicated our focus to bring My Branch Office to this neighborhood.


Columbia City Image

Photo Credit: Columbia City Business Association

Join Us for some Meetups in Columbia City

Hello coworking enthusiasts! We’re looking to keep the Columbia City coworking momentum going, so we invite you to join us and other coworkers for some upcoming meetups.

Wednesday, March 27 – click here for details.

Wednesday, May 22 – click here for details.

Feel free to email us at you have questions.


We’re looking for a home in Seattle

Ever since we’ve made the decision to open a coworking location, our lives have been a whirlwind of exciting moments and moments of “WOW!  We have a lot of work to do!”  We’ve taken some time to wrap our heads around the basics: target neighborhoods, how we’d like to setup the physical space, building out the business plan, getting a website up, and so on.

Now for the part I’m most excited about: connecting more deeply with the community.  As a current member of Office Nomads in Capitol Hill (I adore my fellow Nomads), I’ve been able to experience first-hand the awesomeness of the coworking community.  Being able to take a mental break from the ever-growing task list and catch-up with a fellow coworker, or make a fantastic connection that leads to business opportunities great and small (sending a shout out over to – that’s what I love.  There’s something special about the coworking community and the camaraderie that develops organically.  That’s what we want to continue fostering at My Branch office.  Spreading the coworking love is our goal.

So which neighborhood will be settle in at?  We’re looking at Columbia City and South Lake Union.  We believe both neighborhoods are ready for a coworking space.

For the sake of transparency, it must be said our hearts are in Columbia City – as that’s where we live.  There is a strong community already present in Columbia City.  From neighbors that keep an eye out on each other’s homes, to small business owners that unite to build a more robust business community – it’s those qualities and more that blends well with coworking.

Let’s not forget about South Lake Union.  This neighborhood is ever-changing and is settling in to become an exciting live-work urban destination.  The continued growth of the business community (large and small) is also fueling the growth of the residential community.  According to, South Lake Union has a walking score of 97 out of 100.  Given the increasing number of restaurants and service & retail businesses, I can see how this score was reached.  All of this and more leads us to believe this neighborhood is ready for a coworking space.

All that said, we invite you to join the conversation.  Check out our Events & Programs page to see how you can meetup with us and other folks interested in coworking.  Of course, feel free to reach out to us anytime.


A little about us

If you’ve already clicked around our website, you probably have a good sense about who we are as a coworking business and what we’re looking to do.  We figured it might be a good idea to share a little bit out ourselves, the founders of My Branch Office.

Rob Nicolai

I live in Columbia City with My Branch Office co-founder (and husband), Rett Nicolai.  I love what Columbia City has to offer – friendly neighbors that are truly neighborly and some of the best restaurants in Seattle (seriously….if you haven’t visited the restaurants, I highly recommend you do).  I’ve worked in the event industry in various roles for about 14 years.  Currently, I am an independent contractor working as an event project manager.  I seriously have the most fantastic clients within Microsoft who love to give me projects that constantly challenge me to learn and grow.  I would be remiss if I forgot to mention the incredible amount of fun and camaraderie that I am able to enjoy on my projects.  When not working, I enjoy time with family and friends – preferably over a delicious meal, a few decks of cards and some cocktails.  I love the time I can take for myself to read a book or latest news magazine, watch a movie, get in some fitness activities or even tackle my next challenge: meditation.

Rett Nicolai

I enjoy living in Columbia City, where there is an appreciation of community and neighborhood values.  It is exciting to be in a diverse area that continues to grow and evolve – while not losing its true neighborhood feel where everyone truly knows your name.  During the day, I work as an outpatient manual physical therapist for a local company.  Outside of the office, I’m continually exploring my many interests such as running and fitness, kayaking, snowshoeing, cooking (and eating), travel and exploration.  My family and friends are always a constant presence in whatever I do.  When weather permits, you’d also find me tinkering in the yard, tending to the vegetable garden, or re-designing the landscape.