What is Coworking?

What Is Coworking?

Coworking means different things to different people although one pattern remains true. Coworking is about making the personal choice to work alongside other people instead of in isolation. For some, coworking is all about the accelerated serendipity that comes from individuals intermixing in person as opposed to online. For others it’s the motivation and accountability gained from working within a set of peers. And sometimes it’s just a reason to put on some pants and get out of the house in the morning. Regardless of the definition, coworking is a powerful and exciting way to work, and it’s making some big waves. What started as a simple idea by Brad Neuberg back in 2005 has grown into an inspiring movement that is spreading throughout the world.

Coworking or Co-Working?

This is a matter for much debate. Most people from outside the coworking community, especially journalists, think it should have a hyphen. They seem to think it’s easier to read that way. The coworking community is pretty adamant that the word does not have a hyphen. The group is growing and evolving and always looking for people who are excited about coworking so please let us know if you would like pitch in. Come to our regular meetings or stop into any one of our spaces and introduce yourself. Like a coworking space, this is your community. Make it what you want it to be.

Learn more about Coworking

We encourage you to learn more about coworking – both in Seattle, the United States and around the world.

Seattle – Visit the Seattle Collaborate Space Alliance website and its Google discussion group.

United States and globally – visit these resources

  • Global coworking – the site for the global coworking community
  • The global Google discussion group
  • GoodCoworking – the social coworking directory
  • Deskmag – the online magazine about coworking, its people and spaces

¹We liked what the Seattle Collaborative Space Alliance said so much, we thought that we’d simply share their words.

About My Branch Office coworking

Whether you are an independent consultant, an entrepreneur managing your own business, or a remote worker that is employed by a company that is based elsewhere – you may have realized that you need more out of your workday….and your workspace.

Profiles of My Branch Office coworkers

Still wondering if coworking at My Branch Office is right for you?  These coworker profiles will help you answer that question – and hopefully help you decide if coworking is right for you.

The Independent Consultant

Works from home, or a neighborhood café with a reliable Wi-Fi connection, a friendly atmosphere and an excellent dose of caffeine.  This worker is productive and enjoys the flexibility that being an independent worker brings, but he desires to work in a location that offers recurring social interactions with people he sees regularly.  Maybe the folks at the café with their headphones on all the time, or the pets at home no longer quite provide the inspiring company he needs to further his business.  This independent worker needs to be with people – to make connections that lead to inspiration or that next business lead, or just people to chat with over lunch.

The Remote Worker

Similar to the independent consultant, the remote worker works from home, or a neighborhood café – and enjoys similar benefits and challenges that the working structure provides.  The remote worker, though, is employed by a company that is based in a different time zone.  She has teams of people within her organization that she needs to meet with regularly and company resources that she needs to access remotely.  The challenges of the café’s limited technological capabilities, and the lack of infrastructure resources at home leave her needing a more established location to work from in order to maintain productivity.  Since she knew her company was not able to open a branch office in her area, she presented to her manager the option of a coworking location and its benefits – both tangible (infrastructure, low costs, and more) and intangible (benefits of surrounding oneself by creative, inspirational people).  Thankfully her presentation was a success and she now enjoys her time coworking.


The Small Business wth a Handful of Employees

The founder has successfully grown her business to the point where she has 2 (going on 3) employees each working independently in their own home offices.  There is a need to bring the team together under one roof.  By doing so, they can take advantage of regular, in-person interaction that will lead to more efficiency and greater agility to respond to business needs.  However, the founder is balancing the need of bringing her team together against the potential costs of leasing office space and providing necessary infrastructure and on-going costs.  She ultimately decided to bring her team together in a coworking environment which provides a comparatively low-cost, worry-free solution – allowing her to focus on her team and save money – and not worry about managing the office space and infrastructure.