March 3, 2013

We previously mentioned in an earlier blog post that we were exploring options for a coworking space in either Columbia City or South Lake Union.  While both neighborhoods have much to offer the Seattle coworking community, we have recently decided to put all of our focus on bringing a My Branch Office coworking space to Columbia City.

Why?  We simply want to do what we can to give back and help support the community that has opened itself up to us – through both personal relationships, as well as more recently developed professional relationships.  From a personal perspective, Columbia City has been home to us for over 3 years now.  Over that time, we have strengthened existing relationships and started new ones that we also enjoy.  And from a business perspective, we have already received support and interest from existing neighborhood business owners.  It’s those business owners who, like us, also wish to strengthen the overall Columbia City community and not only make it home for its residents, but also a welcoming destination for those Seattle residents who want to come by to dine, work, exercise and more.

All that is what makes up the “heart” of Columbia City – and why we have dedicated our focus to bring My Branch Office to this neighborhood.


Columbia City Image

Photo Credit: Columbia City Business Association